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Logotype & Brand Design

for a toxicological laboratory

Acutis Diagnostics, NY, USA

Client request

Acutis is a company at the leading edge of clinical toxicology with its eye on the future–both the immediate future and the long term, pursuing innovative technologies and strategies. Created in 2014, the company needs to cross a step and become more present and visible in the US Market.

Approach & solution

There was an existing brand identity for Acutis which was not reflecting what is the company today and what will be the company tomorrow. I bring simplicity, accuracy, sharpness into the identity of Acutis by redesign first the logotype and then all the medium use by sales teams. Following the codes of pharmaceutical industry but also bringing the notion of future and High Tech into the visuals.


Logotype, Business Card, Brochure & Website

av-rd copie-1.jpg
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