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About me...

Philippe Halaburda + born in February 26, 1972 = PH260272


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Work experience

  • Art Director
    Acutis Diagnostics, clinical toxicology laboratory
  • Freelance
  • New York
    2018 - present
  • Brand Identity Development
    Design and implement a modern and cohesive logotype for Acutis Diagnostics,
    reflecting their clinical expertise in toxicology and Infectious Disease testings
  • Print Collateral Design
    Create visually compelling print materials, including brochures, posters, and stationery, maintaining brand consistency and professionalism
  • Online Presence Management
    Manage the digital branding of Acutis Diagnostics across their website and social media platforms, ensuring a unified brand voice and visual identity
  • Marketing Campaign Coordination
    Orchestrate strategic marketing campaigns, utilizing effective design to enhance brand visibility and engagement within the healthcare industry
  • Collaborative Team Leadership
    Lead cross-functional teams in the execution of design projects, fostering collaboration
    and ensuring alignment with Acutis Diagnostics' business objectives
  • Art Director / Senior Brand Designer
  • Freelance
  • New York
    2016 - present
  • Brand Identity Development  Strategic Brand Development
    Create distinctive logotypes and cohesive visual identities across diverse sectors,
    including pharmaceuticals, fashion, and publishing
  • Comprehensive Visual Design
    Develop and execute brand materials for print and online platforms, ensuring consistency
    and effectiveness in visual communication
  • Cross-Industry Expertise
    Apply a deep understanding of varied client needs to craft tailored brand strategies
    that resonate in competitive markets
  • Print and Digital Integration
    Seamlessly integrate brand elements into print materials and digital assets,
    optimizing channel visibility and impact
  • Client Relationship Management
    Collaborate closely with clients to interpret their visions, fostering strong partnerships
    and delivering compelling design solutions
  • Art Director
    Acutis Biosciences, Precision Medicine laboratory
  • Freelance
  • New Jersey
    2021 - 2023
  • Brand Identity Development
    Created and refined Acutis Biosciences' distinctive logotype,
    ensuring it reflects its scientific expertise and commitment to excellence
  • Print Material Design
    Developed engaging and informative print materials, including brochures, posters,
    and promotional items, maintaining brand consistency and visual appeal
  • Online Presence Management
    Managed Acutis Biosciences' digital assets, overseeing website design updates,
    social media graphics, and online advertising campaigns to enhance brand visibility
    and engagement
  • Brand Guidelines Implementation
    Established comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain consistency
    across all communication channels, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand image   
  • Brand Designer
    Evolve Medical, anti-aging & regenerative Medicine
  • Freelance
  • New York
  • Logotype Design
    Created a modern and sophisticated logotype that embodies Evolve Medical's commitment
    to anti-aging and regenerative medicine.
  • Visual Identity
    Developed a cohesive visual identity, incorporating clean lines and a serene color palette
    to convey innovation and wellness.
  • Brand Consistency
    Ensured brand consistency across all marketing materials, enhancing recognition
    and trust among Evolve Medical's target audience.
  • Brand Designer
    Integrated Spine & Pain Care, Pain Medicine
  • Freelance
  • New York
  • Logotype Creation
    Designed a distinctive and professional logotype visually representing
    Integrated Spine & Pain Care’s mission and values.
  • Brand Identity Development
    Established cohesive brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent and polished look
    across all marketing materials.
  • Market Differentiation
    Crafted a unique visual identity that sets Integrated Spine & Pain Care
    apart in the competitive field of pain medicine.
  • Creative Art Director
    ComnCo, medical conferences organizer
  • Associate
  • France
    2010 - 2014
  • Client Briefing and Requirements Gathering
    Attended briefing sessions with project managers to understand client requirements and expectations for each medical congress event (25-30 per year)
  • Identity Development for Each Congress
    Designed logos, brand identities, collaterals, newsletters & advertisements for each medical event
  • Concept Development and Innovation
    Generated innovative concepts and ideas that align with client branding
    and enhance the event experience
  • Design Brief Development and Feedback Integration
    Created detailed design briefs and collaborate with congress directors to incorporate feedback and ensure alignment with event objectives
  • Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions
    Facilitated brainstorming sessions to foster creativity and develop new concepts and innovative ideas for medical congress designs
  • Budget Estimation and Quote Preparation
    Estimated project timelines and costs accurately, providing quotes that align with each medical congress budget and scope requirements.
  • Integrated Graphic Designer
  • Freelance
  • France
    2009 - 2010
  • Attend client meetings & understand their brand & promotion requirements
  • Construct clean & organized creative deliverables that adhere to style guidelines
  • Come up with innovative concepts & ideas to match client branding
  • Contribute to the creation of design solutions that meet or exceed strategic objectives
  • Graphic Designer
    Com & Company, medical conferences organizer
  • Employee
  • France
    2004 - 2009
  • Come up with innovative concepts & ideas to match client branding
  • Develop design briefs & submit them to the congresses directors to get feedbacks
  • Design logos, collaterals, newsletters & advertisements for each medical congress
  • Print & WebDesigner
    Dreamweb / Maison du GSM
  • Employee
  • France
    2002 - 2004
  • Design logos, web, newsletters & advertisements for various clients
  • Manage digital campaigns & promotions for commercial websites
  • Print Designer
  • Freelance
  • France
    2000 - 2002
  • Design logos, flyers & advertisements for the clients


  • Graphic Art School EDTA Sornas
    Paris, France
    1991 - 1994
  • Superior Degree
    Graphic Design & Art
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Lycée Jules Ferry
    Coulommiers, France


Medical & pharmaceutical industry
  • Abbott
  • Acutis Biosciences
  • Acutis Diagnostics
  • AstraZeneca
  • Bayer
  • Dr Hersha
  • Evolve
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Hôpital Saint-Joseph
  • Ev3
  • Hôpital ILCV
  • Lilly
  • Novartis
  • Pfizer
  • Roche
  • Sanofi
Medical conferences
  • Comnco Events
  • Copacamu
  • SFCO
  • SFOG
  • Urbain V
  • MEET Congress
  • RHYTHM Congress
Magazines & books
Hotels & restaurants
  • Aixbox
  • Artimed
  • Marseille 2013
  • Législatives + Municipales
    de Pascale Gérard
B2B & Corporate
  • Baron massilia
  • Biomix
  • Broken Edge
  • Club Joya
  • Covers Music
  • Festival Seconde Nature
  • Nulab Rec.
  • Surface Records
  • Tevatron
  • The Beez
  • Young Michelin

My creative essential skills

  • A professional portfolio demonstrating a passion for design and skill in visual design
    across platforms
  • A strong background in creative problem solving, strategic brain storming,
    creative execution and production
  • Ability to think, respond and design quickly, maintaining attention to detail
    on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent organizational skills; an ability to multi-task and work efficiently
    under pressure with careful attention to detail
  • The ability to both work autonomously and as part of a team,
    collaborating across disciplines and levels of experience


For you, I will design
brand identities
social posts
many more.
Take your design vision further, hire me
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